The “Kobe Beef” of Japanese Chicken Dishes | Farm to Table ★ ONLY in JAPAN






Miyazaki Jidori Chicken is perhaps the world’s best, some consider it the Kobe Beef of Chicken – but how good is it? Can a Japanese Chicken Dish destroy a Japanese Wagyu meal? We’ll visit a Jidori “free range” Chicken Farm and then visit my favorite restaurant in Miyazaki. What is this magical dish? Chicken Nanban (チキン南蛮) one of my top 5 dishes and you’ll discover why – this dish originates in Miyazaki at Ogura Hoten and has evolved over the years to become a world class dish and the soul food of Miyazaki. Tartar sauce on marinated fried chicken – Juicy, crispy, creamy, tangy … don’t get me started!



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