Russia tightens security as Wagner chief accused of mutiny -BBC WORLD NEWS




     Russia tightens security as Wagner chief accused of mutiny – BBC WORLD NEWS



Security in Russia has been tightened following a dramatic escalation of infighting – The head of the Wagner mercenary group is being investigated by security services for inciting mutiny – Yevgeny Prigozhin claims his forces have crossed the border into Russia from Ukraine, but no evidence of this has emerged so far – Earlier, he accused the Russian military of launching a deadly missile strike on his troops on Friday – He said the “evil” in the military leadership must be stopped and vowed to “march for justice”, but claimed he was not attempting a military coup – The Kremlin has denied the missile strike and demanded Prigozhin halt “illegal actions” – Vladimir Putin is aware of the situation and is receiving “constant” updates, the Kremlin says – Senior Russian generals have called on Wagner fighters to stand down, saying they are playing “into the enemy’s hands”

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