Oven-Roasted Falafel & Tabbouleh Recipe: Both Delicious and Light Menu




Even though we like the crispy fried version too, there’s a lighter version for falafels. If you’re especially looking for less greasy but still delicious versions of recipes, this is the perfect recipe for you! People on a diet, vegans, people who want to prepare nutritious meals without using any meat, you’re very welcome to try our recipe. There are few key points to pay attention to. The first is not to boil the chickpeas. The other key points are hidden in our video. While the falafels are quietly being cooked in the oven we’ve also prepared a tabbouleh salad that will go great with the falafels. We can’t think of falafels without tahini sauce, right? The easiest tahini sauce is in the video too! You have to try our recipes that are both light and very easy to prepare! Don’t forget to tell us what recipes you would like to see us trying in the comment section. Now we go dip the falafels in the tahini sauce! 🙂


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