La “Moustache Sacrée” en Turquie



La “Moustache Sacrée” en Turquie


The King Of Rice in Turkey


What are we going to eat today ?

The Holy Moustache

The rice he makes is very delicious and extraordinary like his ”  Holy Moustache ” which was inherited from his grandfather .

The Turkish chef Nedim Şahin became a trend in Turkey and all over the world . He has got an exrtraordinary Rice Restaurant in İstanbul which called ” Barthane Pılavcısı “. He opened his restaurant in 2010 , and was alone when he started working . After that , his restaurant became famous and popular as the best restaurant in İstanbul .


Nedim’s famous motto is ” What are we going to eat today ? ” #BugünNeYiyeceğiz  


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