Hair Museum – Avanos / Turkey


Hair Museum – Avanos – Turkey
Hair museum is considered one of the strangest museums all over the world , and it is located in Cappadocia in Turkey – Avanos .
It is under a pottery shop in a cave and there are many hair samples of more than 16,000 women from all over the world .
Chez Galip körükçü is Ceramic and pottery maker , and he is very famous in Avanos and Turkey .
Galip says that he is the 5th generation is his family making pots . He met a French girl in 1979, and she stayed here 3 months . Galip and French girl knew each other very well , and he noticed that her hair was very beautiful . He asked her to give him a lock of hair and write her name and address as well.
The of Museum hair started from this story . After that , another girl came to the shop and asked him about the lock of hair hanged on the wall . He explained to her the story , but the new girl wanted to do the same by giving Galip a lock of her hair too . Another girl from another country came and explained to her the same story and it went on like that in an increasing number . After 10 years he had got many locks of hair in his shop hanged in the wall and started to make raffle drawings two times a year . He set the exact date of the drawings , and at that time whoever comes in first to his shop will become the lukcky winner who choose some products and pick 10 winners off the wall who receive all expenses paid vacation to Kapadokya.

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