Welcome to cappadocia . This strange Martian landscape is one of the most visited areas in Turkey . It’s steeped in the history many of the caves there were dug out by the first Christians over 2000 years ago .

This historical region is going back thousands of years was originally Persian province , but now just a portion of the original provice is regarded as Cappadocia , and you will not find it on many maps .

There are a few towns that make up this touristic region namely Göreme , Ürgüp , Ortahisar ,Avanos and Üçhisar .

We will be having a look at all these places later on this program, but Göreme is prbably is the most well known with more restaurants and better nightlife .

Göreme is a real touristic centre . İt’s got a few souvenir shops and a few bars with live entertainment most of them serving popular wines of the region .

It’s been a touristic and backpackers destination for decades , and many people come back here after year .

Göreme has lots of restaurants serving popular dishes like testy KEBAB which comes in a clay pot .

There are two Chinese two İndian and a Korean restaurants as well .

Just outside Göreme is one of the most visited museums in Turkey .

This is the open air museum which is not far from Göreme . İn fact you can walk it from Göreme , and this area will were all dug by the Christians which were of course persecuted 2000 years ago , and some of  them are churches as well , and some of the paintings in the churches still survive .

Some of this caves have got low roofs . This would have been a long table and people would have sat and had dinner like this , all in a line. Do bear in mind it gets a bit busy certain times of the day .

This caves make for a fantastic film sets there is so many famous films have been filmed here includin Ghost Rider , The Spirt of Vengeance , Winter Sleep , The Ottoman lieutenant , and dozenz of Turkish films and TV .

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